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Gryllus bimaculatus live

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Ventrolateral view of an embryo during the first eight days of development, taken at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees C. For the first half of the movie, the embryo was submerged in Haolcarbon Oil 700. From day 3 onwards, the embryo was submerged in water to allow visualization of the normal expansion of the egg via water uptake that happens at this time. Hatching usually occurs four to six days after the last time point shown here, which is equivalent to 10-12 hours after egg laying at 29 degrees C. (movie by Seth Donoughe)




Lateral view of an elongating germ band.

(movie by Franz Kainz)


Early cricket embryo expressing nuclear-targeted DsRed protein in the dividing and migrating energids.

(movie by Franz Kainz)


Embryo seen in ventral view going through germ band elongation, stained with Alexa488-dextran.

(movie by Franz Kainz)