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Oncopeltus Culture

Our Oncopeltus cultures are kept in a temperature and humidity controlled chamber within the main lab. They eat sunflower seeds, drink water, and lay eggs in cotton balls all year round.


Oncopeltus culture cages share a room with Gryllus cages.
(photo Extavour)
  Many tens of Oncopeltus share a cage.
(photo Extavour)
  top view of adults in their cage, with sunflower foods for food and cotton for egg-laying. (photo Extavour)   adults eating. (photo Extavour)

  The orange eggs are easily removed from the cotton.
(photo Extavour)
  Adult male and female mating – they walk around like this for several days. (movie Extavour)
oncopeltus specimen Oncopeltus adults are about half an inch long.


Thanks to David Behl for several of these pictures.