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Gryllus Culture

Our cricket cultures are kept in a temperature and humidity controlled chamber within the main lab. They eat a combination of whole grains, corn oil, and commercial cricket feed supplement, drink water, and lay eggs in moistened cotton year round.
cricket room cricket cages
Our cricket culture room. (photo Extavour)

The crickets live in plastic cages, eat whole grains, and lay eggs in moist cotton.
(photo Extavour)

single cricket  

Single adult on food supplement. (photo Extavour)

crickets Our crickets are not above cannabalism.
cricket on hand
Come on, jump over the finger!
  Our cricket culture, with egg laying cages at the top, juvenile stages in the middle, and RNAi experiments on the bottom.
gryllus bimaculatus gryllus bimaculatus
Gryllus bimaculatus Gryllus bimaculatus


Thanks to David Behl for several of these pictures.