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Eva van der Heijden
Visiting Master's student

I am a Master’s student from the Netherlands. I did my bachelor’s degree at Amsterdam University College, where I mainly followed courses in the biology and biomedical track. I am now in my second year of MEME, the Erasmus Mundus Master Programme for Evolutionary Biology. This programme takes you to several countries. In my first year I went to Uppsala University in Sweden and to the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich in Germany. In Munich I worked with Professor Gompel’s lab on fruit fly pigmentation and with Professor Wolf’s lab on the microbiome of several crow species.

Here in the lab of Professor Extavour I will work for six months on my Master’s thesis. I will work with Dr. Tarun Kumar on developing a live imaging technique to follow ovariole development in fruit flies, and we will use this to try to answer some questions on the evolution of ovariole number.