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Jose Carranza
Visiting student

I am from Peru and I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a specialization in Aquaculture from the Universidad Nacional del Santa in Peru.

At the end of my junior year, I became interested in molecular genetics, and I joined the Laboratory of Genetics, Physiology and Reproduction (LGFyR), led by Prof. Eliana Zelada, where I completed my undergraduate thesis project: "Population-genetics structure of A. purpuratus (Scallop) from the north-central region of the Peruvian coast". Currently, I am a research assistant at LGFyR, working on sex determination, differentiation, and germ cell characterization in Arapaima gigas (Paiche), the biggest amazon fish.

In the Extavour Lab, I am a visiting student supported by a fellowship from the Peruvian National Council of Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (CONCYTEC) to study the molecular mechanisms that underlie germ cell specification in non-model organisms. With the guidance of PhD student Linda Honaker, I am analyzing the functions of the oskar gene by using Drosophila and Gryllus as a model organisms.