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Undergraduate students

We are often open to taking motivated undergraduate students to help us with screens to discover new genes controlling development in model and non-model organisms! Learn next-generation sequencing, high-throughput gene expression, and classical genetics techiques. Contact Cassandra if you are interested!


Graduate Students

We are accepting applications from motivated and independent prospective Ph.D. students to join ongoing projects or develop new ones. Our work is multidisciplinary and can combine molecular biology, biochemistry, classical genetics, experimental embryology, and advanced live imaging - you should be prepared to become a multidisciplinary scientist! All projects should be at least somewhat related to our primary research foci (see Research section), but students will be encouraged and expected to contribute to project development as their interests evolve.

Interested students should email Cassandra Extavour with a brief statement of research interests.

Students can join the lab as Ph.D. candidates through a variety of graduate programs:

All of these PhD programs include advanced coursework and teaching opportunities, and benefit from the stimulating academic environment provided by close ties with neighbouring labs in several departments. All programs provide stipend, full tuition, and benefits.

Because the OEB department only accepts candidates whose interests can be matched with a faculty member, interested applicants should email Cassandra Extavour directly before applying to the OEB graduate program.

The MCO program require students to rotate through at least two labs before finally joining one. Students interested in working in the Extavour lab as a member of this program are encouraged to contact Dr. Extavour before applying or upon acceptance to the MCO program.

The deadline for applications is generally in the middle of December of each year, for entry in the following academic year. See the following links for information on how to apply: